miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2009

The meaning of the Roma name

The origin of the name ``rom`` is in sanskrit/prakrit: rama: a lover, husband, spouse /ramaṇa:• m. a lover, husband,pleasing, charming, delightful (Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary).In our days also, are used the both forms ``rom`` or ``ram``.Other indian forms:ramanah (Pkt. ramano ,ravannu) ranu, ravan (dialect).In our days in Kashmiri language the word ``run`` means husband.
In my opinion there are no link with the ``dom`` or ``lom``-because in Mahabharata is noted the word ``Ramana`` as an plural name of a people,of a nation.This discovery (about the romana people of Mahabharata belongs to me, i am the first who made it)
Writted by me, Naayram.

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