duminică, 6 iulie 2008

gili hasardini/lost song

miro andralutno gii khel kerel
kana indiatar ``sundar`` gilia ashunel
chaches amare kana kashuke hin
ta na ashunas la Indiaki guli gilin
kon shai te kerel pale nevo
o bashaviben purano hasardino?
ame,ame shai te arakhas e chachutni gili
amari giengi,amare purane manushengi!
tume nikada ma bisteren:
amaro rat gilabel

my soul is dancing
when indian songs is hearing
our ears are deafs
because we dont hear of India
beautiful sweet songs
who can make new again
the lost ancient sound ?
we,we need to find the real song
of our souls,of our ancestors!
you never dont forget:
our blood is singing